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5/5 | Art@Consultis : Pierre Castin (6-7 june)

Monday 5 May 2014

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Exhibition "After Work"

Pierre Castin graduated as an illustrator and graphic designer. For years, he has mastered the use of his computer like one plays with a brush on canvas, and now uses with a mouse like one would with charcoal. And now, as an artist without constraint, he works with a digital palette composed of an infinite number of colours, which frees him, allowing him to redefine his codes and opening up new possible artistic journeys.

Pierre Castin’s illustrations are a tribute to the Pop-art trend of the 60’s and the digital art movement of the 80’s. Inspired by actresses of our time, he gets a picture here and another one there steals their posture, or their glance. Gentleman illustrator, he does give the ladies back to us, after this rather generous break-in, in his creations, characterized by complex or extremely purified lines, by an explosion of colours or by a brutal return to black and white.

These elusive ladies come back from a place which they would want to tell us all about, and seem to want to share the experience without waiting. Pierre Castin’s actresses are impatient, proud and free-spirited, much like the stars they never ceased to portray.

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Détails pratiques

Exhibition on the 7th june from 10 am to 6 pm.

Preview on the 6th june at 6h30 pm (until 9 pm).

Registration (for free):
- Mail : art@consultis.biz
- Phone : +352 26 11 98 24

See online : See the invitation