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23/06 | SPW develops a unique process metodology

Monday 23 June 2014

With this new mission, the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) and Consultis has set themselves a target goal: the implementation of a unique cross-functional method based on a tool common to all public services in Wallonia.

Whereas the process approach has been promoted in the region for several years, process analysis and modelling methods vary considerably.

Consultis has made process approach one of its priorities. “Process approach” includes:

- aspects of activity modelling
- methods to optimise activity

For several years, the SPW has been relying on our expertise in this field. In the past, this meant optimising process efficiency through the implementation of our modelling and optimisation approach.

Now we have the opportunity to work further with Wallooon authorities to develop and implement a unique method for the modelling and improvement of processes. This step is essential to us.